Casey Yugo is a Toronto-based music producer and visual song artist.

Drifting in sounds from alt-R&B, neo-soul, funk and synth-pop, Casey uses pastiche and musical geekery to push forward his own pop aesthetic. Set to whimsical and surreal visuals he designs, his music explores narratives of love, identity and self-actualization in a postmodern, connected era.

“Yugo seamlessly exhibits his vocal range as his voice soars incredibly high over the the colossal horn section during the climax. Even though ['Gotta Have U'] is an R&B track, traces of jazz, soul and electronica are scattered throughout to create the a wholesome listening experience adorned with stellar musicianship from all the parties involved.”

Lu, Stereofox, January 2021
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“['Gotta Have U' is] a powerful groove that is rooted in nu disco with subtle touches. Surrounded by layers of synthesizers, it immerses a warm voice with a clear touch of neo soul and RnB.”

Translated from Spanish
Somos Grandes (Spain), January 2021
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“I have been playing this song ['Gotta Have U'] non-stop for weeks!”

A. Harmony, Interim Host, CBC Marvin’s Room, April 2021
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